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Looking for a young and talented sport horse with a lot of charisma? This handsome stallion will be 3 years old in May and we just broke him. Damali has a CDE passport with full pedigree. He is a cross between an approved PRE stallion and an Oldenburger. If you see Damali you see a very nice riding horse, but if you look more closely you see that he already has a big neck and therefore certainly has the look of the PRE which makes him very special.  Damali is a super sweet and affectionate horse to handle, he loves to get attention and to be brushed. Under saddle he is very good and does nothing wrong but because of his young age he is of course still very green and we take it very easy with him.  Damali is X-ray in order for the sport without remarks and partly due to his character and good movements nothing stands in the way of becoming a fine sport horse! 

We also have many more horses for sale, riding horses, pre's and Friesian horses. 

The adult trained horses start from 8500,- Euro
Also a few 3 year old untrained pre mares for sale for 5500,- Euro.


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