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Miami VDW for sale Miami is a nice, inquisitive 4 year old gelding by Obelisk. Miami is a good, willing, eager to learn and sweet horse, he likes to work for his rider/amazon, Miami is despite being so good, given his age not suitable for a novice rider/amazon.
Miami has 3 good basic gaits where he has an extra has in his hindquarters, Miami also has a very good build.
Because of its fine build and good hindquarters, he has a lot of talent for the collection, this is already well noticeable while riding and lunging.
Miami is always here with someone else in the winter horse in the paddock and in the summer he stands 24/7 with a herd of 7/8 horses in the meadow, he is very social to other horses and an unwise cuddle butt.
Miami also periodically visits the dentist and farrier, gets his basic vaccinations every year.   I would like to see him end up with someone who enjoys being with him gets started, there is enough potential and it is certainly a nice horse for the future!  

Secretly fell in love with this cute, handsome guy? Would you like more information or make an appointment? Then don't hesitate and send feel free to send a message to: 06-24815950.


Sire Obelisk
Sire of sire Matador
s.s.s. Donauwind
m.s.s. Maritza 3391 Trak
Dam of sire Kida
Ster, Prestatie
d.s.d. Clavecimbel
m.m.s. Cida
Mother Florida F.W.
Sire of dam Armani
s.s.d. United
m.s.m. Tuzla
Preferent, Prestatie, Prok
Dam of dam Utah F.W.
Ster, Prok
s.d.d. Paddox
d.d.d. Las Vegas
Keur, Preferent