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Carlos is a beautiful appearance, a sport horse to learn from. He is well behaved and has an introverted character. He is calm in the stable and has no stable defects. Carlos is my sport horse but because of my physical health I have been advised to slow down a bit. Because Carlos still has the potential to grow, it is nice if he is with an experienced dressage rider or another rider who likes to use him for recreational riding.  He is trained to class Z dressage  but due to my physical condition I have ridden him to class M2 in the sport competition.
If one wants to have an inspection, the costs for the buyer are also for the rejection of a vet's report. .


Sire Painted Black
Sire of sire Gribaldi
s.s.s. Kostolany
Dam of sire Litchy
d.s.d. Ferro
m.m.s. Vrona
Mother Lucky lass
Keur Elite
Sire of dam El Caro
s.s.d. Zeoliet
m.s.m. Ritacara
Dam of dam Velibor
s.d.d. Doruto
d.d.d. Kloriade


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on line event 2022 m2