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Cello van t'Hof ter Meeren is a handsome and sweet yearling D-pony stallion.

His sire Beauty W. is a very talented young dressage stallion who is very willing to work and a real promise for the future. Grandfather Orchard Boginov  already ran Z2 dressage at the age of six and became champion in the NWR section no fewer than five times. His grandmother Brinckhoff's Serah was a ster preferent mare out of the combination Sjapoer (Arabian thoroughbred) and the ster preferent performance mare Brinckhoff's Picture.
His mother Rainbow C. is a descendant of the well-known Kosmo van Orchid's.

This stallion has 3 very good basic gaits and has a lot of potential for higher dressage work.

for more info call (+32) 476544539 (Andy De Visscher)


Sire Beauty W
Sire of sire Orchard Boginov
s.s.s. Verona's Bo-Gi
m.s.s. Orchard Perestrojka
Dam of sire Brinckhoff's Serah
d.s.d. Sjapoer OX
m.m.s. Brinckhoff's Picture
Mother Rainbow C
Sire of dam Kosmo van Orchid's
s.s.d. Kanshebber
m.s.m. Orchid's Black Star
Dam of dam Cher NPA
s.d.d. Condor OX
d.d.d. Chanel AF Kastaniebakken