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Due to termination of equestrian sport for sale, Fernando! Fernando is a KWPN gelding of 11 years old, date of birth: 19-05-2010. Pedigree Aqiedo x Contango. Fernando has been in my possession ever since. As a result, his history is known. 

Fernando is a real dressage topper and has achieved several successes in dressage. Fernando is Z1 dressage with a win and masters the exercises for the Z2. Fernando has 3 good basic gaits and potential for higher dressage. Under saddle Fernando has a golden honest character, easy to ride and eager to work. This makes Fernando very suitable for the transition from pony to horse. Fernando has a stress-sensitive character which requires certainty and clarity from his rider. Someone who can transfer confidence and peace of mind, but who is firmly in the shoes. This makes me not recommend Fernando for the novice rider. Due to lack of time, Fernando is not in training enough and has to be rebuilt.

Fernando is used to going out for a ride, but has the support of another horse needed. Perhaps this can be trained, but this was not my focus. 

Fernando has had 2 tendon injuries in the past. This means that Fernando can no longer be used in show jumping. Not a big deal for Fernando, because his talent was missing here. Fernando has fully recovered from these injuries and has spent his entire rehabilitation under the supervision of horse clinic de Veluwe. The chance that Fernando will suffer again from this injury is minimal. Fernando's medical data can be requested if necessary with permission. 

Fernando stands for special fittings, because he has flat feet. This can be easily corrected by the special fittings and you will not experience any hindrance in the sport. 

Fernando has been an air sucker from the start. Fernando wears an anti-air suction belt for this in the stable. This is not necessary in the meadow. Sufficient grazing is very important! 

Fernando is possibly for sale (at an additional cost) with custom-made saddle, bridle and accessories. Approve K.K. 

If interested, send a video by mail. 



Sire Aqiedo
Sire of sire Undigo
s.s.s. Sandro Hit
m.s.s. Norell
Dam of sire Ranirma
d.s.d. Metall
m.m.s. Janirma
Mother Naomi
Sire of dam Contango
s.s.d. Contender
m.s.m. Adisa
Dam of dam Just Fancy
s.d.d. Dillenburg
d.d.d. Edeltruda