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For sale: Lalunalottie

Talent star mare by the stallion Blue Hors Zack. Lalunalottie is 6 years old and 167 cm high. 

The horse has three good gaits and is professionally trained. 
She now competes in the M1 class of dressage where she averages one score of 70%. As a young horse she ran the IBOP and obtained a score of 77 points. 
The mare is currently being trained at Z level and knows the changes. 
It is a horse with a lot of quality and potential for the higher dressage sport. 
Lalunalottie is a fantastic horse who would like to work for you. She is very nice at competitions and good on the trailer. 
Various horses come from the dam's line that run and have competed in class Z or higher. 

Free from stable defects.
X-ray approved. Further inspections allowed (k.k.).

Ask price 25,000 euros excluding VAT. 


Sire Blue Hors Zack
Sire of sire Rousseau
STB preferent
s.s.s. Ferro
STB freferent
m.s.s. Zsuzsa
STB Ster, presentatie, Sport
Dam of sire Orona
STB Ster, preferent, prestatie, IBOP
d.s.d. Jazz
STB preferent
m.m.s. Karona
STB Ster
Mother Zevenotti
STB Ster
Sire of dam OO Seven
STB Keur
s.s.d. Rubinstein I
m.s.m. Gelbria
STB Ster, Voorlopig keur, presentatie
Dam of dam Pinotti
s.d.d. Livingstone
d.d.d. Milottie
STB Keur, Sport