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Nova is a now 4 year old mare,  1.66 m tall, Everdale x larix.
Nova is fully approved both clinically and radiographically. (Only 1s)
Nova has 3 way above average good gaits.
The walk is very wide (up to 40/45 cm step, see photo in the recently towed box), and very nicely loose through the body . 
In the trot she combines the power and the enormous hind leg of the harness horse, with the suppleness of the dressage horse. (She already showed this as a foal, see 2 photos),
In the canter she also has the enormously lower hind leg.
In both the trot and the canter she also shows that she has a lot of balance, tact and has a lot of panache, she already shows the talent to take over weight on the hind leg, and almost always walks straight!!
Nova grew up in the wild but with a lot of attention and care.
She has very good feet, walks without irons.
She was saddle-broken via the Natural Horsemanship method. She responds very well to this. In this way we also taught her how to get in and out of the trailer, did scare training...everything.
She is a real hugger and loves to clean, and so good that within 2 weeks she will be in the new stable with the golf cart could be taken to and from the meadow. Good at the blacksmith and with washing etc.
It is a young and sensitive horse. We are therefore looking for a rider with experience and feeling. Nova is very nice in the mouth, so asks a rider with a soft hand.
Also given her quality, we are looking for a rider who really wants to go further, and who knows how to build up a young horse to the higher work. Nova really shows the talent for this.
 video via Whattsapp.
Given her quality, she is in the medium / high price range. Real offer negotiable
Ans Albarda 06-218 928 99


Sire Everdale
Sire of sire
Dam of sire
Sire of dam Larix
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