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Very appealing gelding by Just Wimphof for sale.

Due to pregnancy we offer our 3 year old gelding by Just Wimphof x Apache.
Immediately after his approval, the dressage world fell for Just Wimphof. A stallion with such an impressive appearance and so much movement talent. Something good had to come of that. Fortunately, that turns out to be the case. His offspring is very popular at inspections and auctions. Here is the generously developed De Niro son mated to Apache blood. A stallion who can handle himself at Grand Prix level. And that provides a modern cut and sharpness. Dam of O'Brain represents the Reina line and is an elite/prok mare. Her dam Isabel produced a PSG/inter 1 horse, two Z2 horses and two Z1 horses, a nominated stallion and, in addition to Gigi-Reina, five other mares that were successful at the mare selection. She is also the half sister of the ZZ-Zwaar classified Jamaica (by Hurricane) and the approved stallion Sultan. This mare line is the basis of many dressage horses and approved stallions that perform at a higher level.
The last 2 photos showed him as a foal. 


Sire Just Wimphof
Sire of sire De Niro
s.s.s. Donnerhall
m.s.s. Alicante B
Dam of sire Radstede
d.s.d. Riccione
m.m.s. Sabreina
Mother Gigi-Reina
stb elite, prok
Sire of dam apache
s.s.d. UB 40
m.s.m. Tolanda
stb elite, preferent
Dam of dam isabel
stb keur, preferent
s.d.d. Daimler
d.d.d. Nireina
stb ster, preferent