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Sweet 7 year old mare for sale
She is suitable for recreation/dressage work. She has already been a few times on a ride with a friend, this does them well. In terms of dressage she knows the basics, although she is a treasure of a mare, she is not suitable for an inexperienced / scared rider. I'm looking for her a 5 house where she can go outside every day on a paddock and get the comfort she deserves. For more information send me a message via whatsapp.


Sire Sandrino z
Sire of sire Sandro Boy
s.s.s. Sandro z
m.s.s. Wiadora
Dam of sire Meilientje V
d.s.d. Concorde
m.m.s. Iddle Dancer
Mother Star des Etisses
Sire of dam Flipper d’Elle
s.s.d. Double Espoir
m.s.m. Pavlova des Malais
Dam of dam Juvara de Brumes
s.d.d. Quidam de Revel
d.d.d. Quaty Sartillaise