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Hereby I offer my sweet ZZ-light dressage horse Zorento after owning it from him for four years. Unfortunately I don't have enough time anymore due to my studies. Zorento is a very energetic, cheerful and enthusiastic horse with a lot of desire to walk. He really wants to work for you and is always looking forward to it! I would Would love to see Zorento with a fanatical dressage rider who knows the intricacies of wants to learn the dressage sport or wants to compete with him at a lower level driving (think of class B-L-M). This makes Zorento very enthusiastic! He has a lot of (competition) experience and can transfer this experience well to less experienced riders.

Zorento is a horse that always wants to work for you and gives its rider a powerful feeling because he has a lot of power. Despite his not too high stick size he is an imposing appearance in the ring. In addition, Zorento is a very sweet horse and he loves attention, cuddling and a nice cleaning.

Zorento has no stable defects, is very easy in the intercourse, walks easily into trailer, loves his farrier (loves attention) and likes rides in the woods with other horses. The MOST IMPORTANT thing for me is that Zorento is a good place and that he can teach someone else a lot. I also see Zorento would like to be with someone who can offer him grazing daily with company from other horses.

Zorento knows all exercises up to and including ZZ-light level, including half-pass and flying canter changes.

For questions and contact you can whatsapp or call to 0653518040. I am best reached at the end of the afternoon and in the evening.


Sire Houston
Sire of sire Belisar
s.s.s. Saros
m.s.s. Sinthia
keur, preferent, prestatie
Dam of sire Ciola
preferent, prestatie
d.s.d. Pion
m.m.s. Viola
keur, prestatie
Mother Tamar Utopia
ster, IBOP, sport
Sire of dam Cabochon
s.s.d. Vincent
m.s.m. Gonnie
kroon, preferent, prestatie
Dam of dam Zus-Utopia
s.d.d. Duc de Normandie
d.d.d. Stiliste-Utopia