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This very beautiful appearance, named Zazu, is an Oldenburg gelding of 8 years old and he measures 1.72m at the withers. Zazu is currently classified Z1 dressage, but in training we are already working on the canter changes and the pirouettes. Zazu is also used to jump and he could be very suitable for eventing. Zazu is mainly ridden on a sit and leg, so he feels lying in the mouth. He stays calm when jumping, and he is easy to control and he has never refused. Zazu is not only a beautiful appearance in the ring, but also has a super sweet and nice character. He can really give you a lot of confidence and is very willing to work. Zazu can be ridden well on bar and snaffle bits as well as on a normal bit. In addition to training and competitions, Zazu is also used for forest rides, in short, a very all-round horse. 

Zazu can be sensitive that is why we prefer to sell it to someone with more experience. Zazu is a beautiful horse both in appearance and in character, but he does want to be treated with respect. We don't sell Zazu to the first rider that comes to see us, we really want to see that there is a click from both sides before he would be sold. 

Zazu is also good at the dentist, farrier and veterinarian, it is easy to load and stands still on the trailer. On strange terrain he is super well-behaved and observant, and he easily walks past all machines/materials. He has no stable defects. 

Zazu was fully radiologically and clinically approved in August 2020, including neck and back. Approval is no problem at all, kk.

Ask price: €30,000

For more information or a video, you can reach me on the number: 06-44044575.

Zazu is stabled in Zeddam, the Netherlands. 


Sire Best of gold
Sire of sire Belissimo
s.s.s. Beltain
m.s.s. Roxa
Dam of sire Evelyn
d.s.d. Diamond Hit
m.m.s. Elfe
Mother Biskaja
Sire of dam World of Dreams
s.s.d. World Cup I
m.s.m. Carola
Dam of dam Ballerina
s.d.d. Rubenstein I
d.d.d. Baroness III