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This 3 year old chic gelding by Fifty Cent moves with a lot of self-carriage, flexibility and tact.

In addition, he has a super attitude!
He has a very cooperative and interested character. Moving loose in the box and showing himself he thinks it's fantastic!
He's already a lot in hand because of home rearing, bought as a foal from the breeder at the time.

This gelding has a height of 1.64m (measured by the vet) he is still growing strongly, also given his parents he will certainly grow into a height of 1.68 - 1.72m.
Both father and mother have a height of 1.72m.

Recently approved for the sport (including back and neck,  10-04-2022 approved).

His pedigree is as follows:
Premium stallion Blue horse Fifty Cent  X  Don Olymbrio (Olympic champion 2021)  X  Elite stallion Blue horse Romanov (GP).

This handsome motivated gelding is ready to work with someone!
Are you going to shine with him in the dressage ring?


Sire Blue Horse Fifty Cent
Sire of sire Franziskus
Dam of sire
Sire of dam Blue Horse Don Olymbrio
s.s.d. Blue Horse Romanov
Dam of dam