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Of 3 formidable basic gaits and nice suppleness gives Natasja a great feeling to her rider. She is still youthful at 4 years old and will continue to grow in strength and stability.
A horse with a lot of character. Curious. sees everything and don't let everything just happen. She learns quickly with confidence and attention. They needs a rider who knows what to do.
A sensitive horse that gives you space, progress and very satisfying.
Natasha is honest and knows no evil. X-ray checked. No vices. Walk up the trailer yourself.
Natasja is high-legged and modernly bred. As a foal, this fox with blaze and two white hind legs was Limburg champion 2018. 
Father Henkie walked four years in a row at the World Championships for young horses and reached the final four times and was placed 3 times as best KWPN horse! In addition to his own sports career, Henkie also makes himself heard with his offspring. His foals do well at inspections. A high percentage of mares is  ster and even though several mares are declared elite. Also in the dressage direction let  be descendants speak for themselves.
Natasha got her character from her mother Isabel (Dream Boy). Natasha is her first foal. Isabel has received the Elite (IBOP drs) predicate, partly based on from her good trot (8.0) and suppleness (8.5). Characteristics that make them clear inherits.
Grandfather Dream Boy was able to successfully represent the Netherlands at the last de Olympic Games in Beijing. The qualities of this great stallion are known to everyone.
Grandmother Promise (D-Day) has been approved in both the Oldenburger Verband and the KWPN and recorded and comes from a proven Oldenburger  maternal line (stam 9). Among her descendants is Flambeau (Future)  Z1 classified and sold to America.  Signac (San Dior) is also Z1 classified.
Continue we see in her pedigree Plaisir (What's in a name) ZZ-licht, Wembley (Weyden) PSG/Inter1 with Gonnelien Rothenberger – Gordijn and Pimpernel (Weyden) PSG/Inter1 with Antoinette in Riele


Sire Henkie
Sire of sire Alexandro P
s.s.s. Koss
m.s.s. Itilde
keur, preferent
Dam of sire Beaujamanda
ster, preferent
d.s.d. Upperville
m.m.s. Jamanda
keur, sport (dres)
Mother Isabel
Sire of dam Dream Boy
s.s.d. Vivaldi
m.s.m. Resia
elite, prestatie
Dam of dam Promise
s.d.d. D-Day
d.d.d. Pol Position