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Super nice and sweet talented mare for sport for sale.

Due to too many horses I have to say goodbye to this super handsome and friendly mare. The mare descends from Hometown.
Last year she had a very nice and handsome filly by Hitmaker and this one is also in our possession and can be viewed.
Mare was approved for sport on 04-05-22. She is 166 cm high but shows bigger. She also has a beautiful thin shiny skin.

I picked her up again this year since January/February and she is doing great! She walks very easily. Has an extra trot and a lot of carrying capacity from behind. She is not easily impressed by events around her. She passes cars easily.

She is forgiving, easily led. Is good at the aids, and also responds very well to the voice. Runs very well on a single jointed bit and is easy on the reins. She is currently ridden without a track and without a whip. Not because I am against it, of course, but because I think it is important that a horse first understands what is being asked, before a help is refined and sharpened.

She is also used to (playing) children around her . She is careful towards them and likes to be cuddled.

At the grooming area and in her stable, she loves to scratch. She deserves an owner who really wants to give her that attention. Unfortunately I can't give her that attention.

Of course she's young, but she feels more safe than my other horses who have been saddled for longer.

Good at the blacksmith . She has been twice on different terrain, and was also convinced to drive through the arena here.
She can also stand in a herd, but contact with other horses (seeing/sniffing) is a requirement for me. a new home.

Vaccinated in accordance with the rules and at the beginning of the year went to the dentist and treated with no abnormalities.

At 1,5 years old, the mare fell on her right front knee, which still shows a scar. 

The mare is trained at b/l level and is of course still ridden and trained. She comes in the hand every day, is put outside on the meadow and in the evening she is put back in the stable.

Please only comment if you are genuinely interested. The mare is not used for joy-riders due to her age, I don't want to put her through that.

I would like to see her end up with a rider who, in addition to riding, also likes to build a bond with hair.
I think she will also suit a less experienced rider with the right guidance.

Traders and (semi) equestrian centers do not need to respond.

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Sire Hometown
Sire of sire Apache
s.s.s. UB40
m.s.s. Tolanda
Dam of sire Torose
d.s.d. Parcival
m.m.s. Nadien
Mother Fantast D
Sire of dam Vitens
Dam of dam Tesana