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Hereby put I have my sweet, good pony Ronnie for sale. I turned 18 last year and Ronnie I would actually go alone to teach. This has run out a bit, because Ronnie is so nice :) He has a striking and unique appearance, namely brown ears, a brown front and 2 half moon eyes. Ronnie has been officially measured at 1.42 m this year. He has 3 good gaits and can show a nice jump. Ronnie is a 4 year old gelding, I bought him at 2.5 years old and I got him at 3 years old age quietly start to saddle-break. This went very well, Ronnie would like for you work and would never be mean while driving. He has a soft mouth and walks easily afterwards. Ronnie is traffic-friendly and good on the road. Ronnie is very good for his age, not sensitive, but some driving experience would be useful. You can leave it for a week and then pick it up again. We go every week to jumping lesson at the equestrian center, here he is good to other ponies. We train here at B/L level. He learns very quickly and is ready for the competitions, both dressage and to jump. We also think that Ronnie is a suitable pony for SGW. In addition, you can have a lot of fun experience with this pony, because he can sometimes be the clown. Ronnie is a sweet pony in handling, he is people-oriented and likes to cuddle. 
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