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Unfortunately I can't keep everything and you have to make a difficult decision.

Hence the chance to acquire Bigonda v. Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve. 

Riding Horse:
-  Released in L jumping and M dressage, recreationally ridden in connection with a young family, potential for (much) more.
-  Very robust horse, hard legs strong and healthy. (approved as a 3 year old x-ray, photos still never had problems with health or lameness)
- Lots of power and desire to run, reliable horse, I always went out alone with it riding association and competitions.
- Not in at the moment sport condition, every now and then we do a round through the forest that is get on and drive off (no hassle, but a lot of walking). Become now picked up a bit again, test driving is of course possible.


Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve x Perst. Star v. Julius Fokfamilie 1540

Due to (unfortunately unsuccessful) plans to start riding more fanatically again this year, a good time of the year to choose a stallion yourself. Shows good stallion.

Mare line with strong, large horses with a lot of scope, beautiful models and good characters. 
link Horstelex: 

most striking relatives: several good sport horses. due to the reliable characters also very suitable for the amateur/hobby rider.

From the mother
 - Fugon 1,45m
 - full brother Atlas 1,35m
from mother's mother
-  Valesca 1,50m
-  Unigonda 1.35m

Bigonda herself has had 2 foals v. Jenssen VDL whose 2018 filly is still in possession and now has a foal by Landino VDL at the foot.

In short, a strong, healthy mare that can be used widely.

Photos - chestnut with 4 white legs is her daughter from 2018, foal photo dark chestnut is her foal from 2019. Riding photos is herself and the photo with brown foal without markings is her daughter with her granddaughter. 

Not for trade.


Sire Tangelo van de zuuthoeve
Ggk Pref.
Sire of sire Narcos ll
s.s.s. Fairplay lll
m.s.s. Gemini
Dam of sire Olympia vd Krekebeke
d.s.d. Laudanum XX
m.m.s. Raycona Z
Mother Petonelaigonda
prest. ster
Sire of dam Julius
s.s.d. Voltaire
m.s.m. Docilia
Dam of dam Friegonda
prest. ster
s.d.d. Burggraaf
d.d.d. Ugonda
pref. ster