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Due to the growth of new young talent, we are offering this 6 year old gelding from our own breeding. This Glaoudale son has had several riders in our family. Everyone can get along well with this horse at his/her own level. He is also very friendly with other horses and with people. Is familiar with competitions, trailers and is suitable for outdoor rides.

We are currently riding the Glamourdale in the Z1 (with WP). 

The Glamourdale comes from a reliable predicate-rich sport tribe. His 75% brother is also bred by us and has ridden at ZZZ level. 

This horse is suitable for the rider/amazon who has already mastered the basics of horse riding and is ready up to the next challenge and who wants to take this step with a reliable horse.

Higher price range. 


Sire Glamourdale
Sire of sire Lord Leatherdale
s.s.s. Lord Loxley
m.s.s. Fairless P
Dam of sire Thuja
d.s.d. Negro
m.m.s. Jasmijn
keur, pref
Mother Madame
Elite, pref, prest, sport
Sire of dam Damiro
s.s.d. G.Ramiro Z
m.s.m. Torette
Ster, pref
Dam of dam Fabiola
Elite, pref, prest
s.d.d. Vindicator
d.d.d. Tifony
Keur, pref, prest