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With a lot of pain in my heart I am selling my dearest and nicest horse Je T'adore.

Je T'adore is an 8 year old black gelding and is a descendant of Chagall x Rousseau. He came to me when he was not yet 4 and is now 8 years old. I drove up Je T'adore myself up to the M1. Je T'adore is a horse with a top character. You can do anything with him and won't hurt a fly. Even my nephew, then 3 years old, sat on it and walked with it. It is a horse that really doesn't hurt a fly when riding, but it isn't the easiest either.

The reason for selling is that when it comes to riding, it just doesn't click between me and my horse. It therefore hurts my heart even more because it really is my best buddy outside of driving. I would have loved to have kept him with me for years, but unfortunately that is not possible. That is why I am looking for a 5 star home for him.

On December 7, 2017, Je T'adore was fully clinically and X-ray approved (legs, back and neck).

Because we are looking are to a 5 star house and it is not in the way, there is no hurry, so please only respond if you are seriously interested.

For the asking price, videos or any other questions, please contact 06-12605442 slightly higher price range


Sire Chagall
Sire of sire
Dam of sire
Sire of dam Rousseau
Dam of dam