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Dara is an 11 year old Holstein mare of 1.70m. Cosido x Chambertin. She comes from a good dam line and from the same dam comes the approved stallion Acocerto.
Dara is super friendly and easy going. She is sensitive and therefore needs a person who can and will respond to what she needs. Variation between driving, work in hand, ground work, etc. is important, quality time. In terms of riding, it is a nice horse for a rider with feeling and who adjusts well. Dara is a sensitive mare and can be a bit insecure/vulnerable at times, if you give her a lot of confidence and adjust to what she needs that day then she is a horse for real deep connection. And in terms of driving, one that you can drive on your mind. She needs someone who is committed and takes the time for her (letting go of the agenda with the horse, being in the now). A good and appropriate person is important. In the past (when she was 4) photos were taken of the neck and back. Neck photos were good, locally a bit narrow on the back between spinous processes, this did not have to be a problem and it hasn't been since then. If you're looking for a horse to bond with, that's Dara. She is not a horse for fast and shallow. She is a sensitive horse, but not shivering/hot. She needs to be seen and heard. In terms of dressage, she runs approximately L2/M1 level (not competed). With work in hand she can walk and trot all side gaits and canter at the beginning. She can also jump nicely, but I haven't done much with her. Also let her jump loose in a line up to 1.20m. If you want to know more or get to know Dara, please send me a message.


Sire Cosido
Sire of sire Cosimo
Dam of sire
Mother Pagina I
Sire of dam Chambertin
Dam of dam Lagina