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For sale: 3 year old beautiful black Prok mare Oxana
father: Fantastic ( Furst Romancier x Sandro Hit) 
Mother: Afanory ( Tuschinski x Metall) ster Prok
Grandmother: Tanory ( keur, pref., prest.)
Great Grandm.: Fanory ( keur, pref., prest., sport and UTV camp.)
Oxana has D-OC van 104
Half-brother LaBarron ( For Romance) 10th in the World Championship dressage horses, is now again in the World Championship selection under Dinja van Liere.
For further information and price: 06-23854767


Sire Fantastic
Sire of sire Furst Romancier
s.s.s. Furst heinrich
Dam of sire Sienna G
d.s.d. Sandro Hit
Mother Afanory
ster prok
Sire of dam Tuschinski
Dam of dam Tanory
keur, pref. prest.
s.d.d. metall
d.d.d. Fanory
keur, sport, prest. pref. utv kamp