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Secret Joke Sans Souci MC 
Lingo van de Watermolen x Huntsville 
Dark brown 
Born : 15-03-2022 
Ask price : 5000,--  ;        

Secret Joke sans Souci MC was born with us, just like the rest of his family he is very down-to-earth not easily impressed I hope he is as nice as both of her parents. Mother Fadine Sans Souci MC is ZZ jumping, Z2 dressage and B eventing, Father Lingo van de Watermolen is M jumping Unfortunately we can't keep everything so we have to find a nice home for Secret Joke sans Souci MC

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Sire Lingo van de Watermolen
Sire of sire Connect
s.s.s. Connor
m.s.s. Marcie
Dam of sire Happy Wiggy
d.s.d. Carambole
Stb, Keur
m.m.s. Wepekezwiggy
Stb Ster
Mother Fadine Sans Souci MC
Stb, Ster, Sport (spr) Sport (dress) D-OC
Sire of dam Huntsville
s.s.d. Hold up Premier
m.s.m. Naomi-Joy
Stb, ster, Prestatie
Dam of dam Padine
Stb, Prestatie
s.d.d. Lincoln
d.d.d. Andine
Stb, Ster


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