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Oliver QDH is a very charming 3-year-old gelding. 
He is currently under saddle for a month and takes up the work very well.
He is good in handling and also under saddle.
This gelding is easy to ride, nice in the hand but does require a consistent approach.
He has a lot of confidence, not at all gawky or shivery. Can tolerate a lot.

It is a treasure of a horse in handling, fun to work with.
Is good with the blacksmith, dentist, vet...
Goes on easily the trailer.

Has been bred by us. Only goes to a 5* house, traders do not have to respond.

If you would like some more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Sire Valverde
Sire of sire Vitalis
s.s.s. Vivaldi
m.s.s. Tolivia
Dam of sire Amicella
Staatspremie PSG-Inter1
d.s.d. Ampere
m.m.s. Fist Fina
ZZ Zwaar / Staatpremie
Mother Lillifee
Sire of dam Don Frederico
s.s.d. Donnerhall
m.s.m. Cleopatra
Dam of dam Laura
s.d.d. Laurentio
d.d.d. Marina