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Unfortunately, we had to make the difficult decision to put sweet Abel up for sale. Because it is not a match with our other two horses and we house the horses on a paddock paradise, we slowly start looking for a golden home.

Abel is a pony who really goes through fire for you. He is really up for anything and has an enormous amount of quality in house. He can be ridden in dressage, provided he has a handy, stable rider on his back. This does not mean that an inexperienced child cannot drive on it, but he will find it more fun if he is allowed to work. Abel still lacks a bit of balance, which can make him a bit insecure due to an inexperienced rider.

He thinks jumping is the ultimate. He has good technique and is easy to steer. Due to lack of time, this has not been done much, but it certainly has potential! Since he also loves forest rides, we think he will be very suitable for eventing. He regularly goes out alone, walks well into the trailer and does not behave differently on 'foreign' terrain

Both under the saddle and in handling, Abel is not a dead person. He likes attention and makes lots of jokes. We think Abel is best suited to a fanatical person who spends a lot of time working with him. We think it's important that this is not just in terms of driving. Abel benefits greatly from being mentally challenged.

Because Abel really goes away alone to a golden home, we do make a number of 'requirements'
- We like to see Abel outside 24/7 with friends. He can stand alone, but that doesn't make him happy (which horse does..)
- If this is not an option, he can be stabled at night
- We would appreciate if the person wants to come several times. It must feel really good from both sides
- Because of the type of horse Abel is (wood), we would like to see him with someone who has experience/knowledge of that.

Technical information
🦄 Sport type haflinger
👨‍👩‍👦 v. Arioso (v. Adelshüter)
7️⃣ 11-06-2015
🚹 Gelding
⬆️ 1.59 (rider is 1.78)
🕵🏼‍♂️ Approved as a young horse. Re-approval possible k.k.
👩🏼‍⚕️ All vaccinations (incl. Rhino) are in order, recently went to the dentist and checked by the physio
🏆 Level B, potential for more
🥇 No competition experience, but regularly to the association and the forest
🚜 Traffic ease (also large traffic)
🦶🏼Strong hooves, has no irons
🙋🏼‍♀️ High barbie content
💰 Abel falls in the average to higher price range

For more information, videos or an appointment please contact Claire 📱+316 11379674


Sire Arioso
Sire of sire Adelshüter
Dam of sire Wolke
Mother Alisha
Sire of dam Abel
Dam of dam Sandrina