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Juggler du Forgeron (born 18/04/2009) is an enthusiastic and eager to learn horse.
He is super good and sweet in handling, has no stable or transport defects and is more submissive than dominant towards other horses. The blacksmith is also no problem at all.
Jongleur is ridden up to level L2-M1 in dressage (knows well the yielding, half-pass, transitions canter-step and vice versa, shoulder in, traverses and knows the beginning of flying substitutions) and jumping at level L-M (first course running 120cm this year). Recreational: He likes to go for walks but has a small heart. In good company this goes very well, on a domain like Puyenbroeck he likes to take natural obstacles.

Reason for sale: I have been riding with Jongleur for 4 years now, my sister has ridden with him for 5 years (she taught him on his own). It was very nice to see him grow and to teach him all this. Juggler requires a calm, firm rider and is extremely grateful while working. In the meantime, we have a new, own offspring that is ready to be learned and we want to focus on this challenge. Juggler only goes away to a sweet and good home.

Questions? Text/call or email me: 0479/65.06.17 -
Lippens Lara
Juggler Rider


Sire Carabas vd Wateringhoeve
Sire of sire Toulon
s.s.s. Heartbreaker
m.s.s. Nikita
Dam of sire Witske vd Wateringhoeve
d.s.d. Darco
m.m.s. Karien vd Wateringhoeve
Mother Fergie
Sire of dam Bentley vd Heffinck
s.s.d. Upsilon vd Heffinck
m.s.m. Souvenir vd Heffinck
Dam of dam Woepie
s.d.d. Phin Phin
d.d.d. Quina