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Several grand prix horses in sire and dam bloodline
Good gaits, sober and a very nice character: honest, people-oriented, curious, well-behaved and affectionate
No stable defects, does everything well
The mare is just a few weeks old saddled up and ready to train. The next owner can still completely control her.
Work-willing mare who likes to work with the rider.
Which rider will work with this topper?


Sire Kingston Blue Hors
Sire of sire Glock's Toto jr
s.s.s. Totilas
m.s.s. Desperada
Dam of sire Arina
d.s.d. Turbo Magic
m.m.s. Sarina
Mother Elianthe F
Sire of dam Wynton
s.s.d. Jazz
m.s.m. Acacia
Dam of dam Wulianthe F
s.d.d. Sir Sinclair
d.d.d. Pulianthe F