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Secretly black dS comes out of our Negro x Sandro Hit Ster mare and has a beautiful dam line behind him, so we expect a lot from him in the future in the sport. He is a very tame foal, in the hand from day 1 and shows a nice character. Secretly black dS moves lightly with a nice strong hind leg use. He is beautiful black brown in color with two white hind legs and a nice dripping kol. Will grow to about 1.70.

His sire is the strong breeding stallion Fergusson. Ferguson's offspring dominated the 2021 Pavo Cup final with four medals: gold, silver and two bronze. Daughter Lightning Star also won bronze at the World Championships in Verden. Ferguson is by far the best sire of 2021.

Ferguson's approved son Kyton is one of the best stallions of his year, won the Hippiade title in Z2 last year. selected for the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses and won three Subli Cup selection competitions.

The Ferguson daughters stand out in the aptitude tests and score far above average.

The breeding value for dressage of Ferguson is 152 ( 58% confidence), that for conformation and movement is also high with 108 and 110 (71% confidence). The star percentage is almost 80 percent.


Sire Feel Good
Sire of sire Contango
s.s.s. Contender
m.s.s. Adisa III
Dam of sire Vamora
Elite Preferent Prok
d.s.d. OO Seven
m.m.s. Camora
Keur Preferent Prestatie
Mother Euronia
Sire of dam Upper-Class
s.s.d. Polansky
m.s.m. Doliena
Dam of dam Aronia
s.d.d. Tuschinski
d.d.d. Perronia