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BREEDER: Dhr. M.J. Wijlaars
CONTACT: Sabine Smit - - +31 (0)6 - 22 44 68 43
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Treasure of Kurona is a rough diamond for the higher work. She shows enormous potential to close  and transfers the weight to her hindquarters with great ease. Turning a pirouette will soon be a piece of cake.

Treasure of Kurona is related to the brand new World Champion young dressage horses Opoque (s. All at Once) and we find in the mare line next to a variety of excellent sport horses the approved stallions Knock-Out (by Ebony), G-Princeton (by Glamourdale), Blue Hors First Choice (by Jazz), Viking (by Vivaldi) and High Five US (by Charmeur).
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Mother is the young Elite, IBOP-dr., PROK, D-OC mare Kurona (s. Charmeur). In her IBOP test she received eights for posture and balance and her rideability. 

Grandmother is the provisionalkeur, preferent, performance mare Turona (v. Negro). In addition to Kurona, she also produced the Ster, D-OC mare Nurona (by Ferguson, the Elite, Sport-dr. PROK mare Hurona (by Dorado), the Elite, Sport-dr., PROK approved and Small Tour classified Gurona (s. Charmeur) She also produced the Flemmingh offspring Calva la Cornilliere who is ridden at PSG level by the English rider Charlotte Dicker.

Great-grandmother Elite, Preferente, Performance, PROK approved Murona (s. Vincent ) produced no less than 8 horses that compete at Z-dressage or higher, including the Grand Prix stallion Axel (s. Sandreo) who was successful under the French rider Alexander Ayache and is now being successfully ridden at Grand Prix level by the Estonian rider Grete Püvi - Ayache Her daughter Vurona (by Negro) is in turn the dam of the approved KWPN stallions High Five US (by Charmeur) and Blue Hors First Choice (by Jazz).


Sire Las Vegas
PSG/Inter I
Sire of sire Ferdeaux
PSG/Inter I
s.s.s. Bordeaux
Grand Prix
m.s.s. Part Two
Dam of sire Dallia Delin
Ster, voorl. Keur, PROK
d.s.d. Wynton
Grand Prix
m.m.s. Zerrodelin
Mother Kurona
Elite, IBOP-dr., PROK
Sire of dam Charmeur
Grand Prix
s.s.d. Florencio I
PSG/Inter I
m.s.m. trendy
Dam of dam Turona
Ster, voorl. Keur, Pref, Prest, PROK
s.d.d. Negro
Inter A/B/II
d.d.d. Murona
Elite, Pref, Prest, PROK