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"King Kassander van Woodland Z" is a colt born on 12/06/2022 of Kassander van 't Roosakker Z (Echo van 't Spieveld x Carthago Z) out of the dam line of Lupicor (1.60m) and Queen Rubin 5 (1.60m). m). Mother is a mare from Landstreicher (1.60m).
Kassander van 't Roosakker Z is described as follows at Zangersheide: Kassander is a son of Electra van 't Roosakker who was the number one of Janika Sprunger in her time . He is also the full brother of Kaprice, the 1m60 winner of Kent Farrington. The entire stock is full of sport horses, Electra's sister Gatoucha van 't Roosakker was active at 1m50 level herself and she produced, among others, Tinkoucha Hero Z by Leonie Peeters and Attoucha by Paris Sellon.

King Kassander is a beautiful modern legged foal with good movement. 

Full maternal line:
1st dam: Latina Z (Z, 2012, bay, mare by Landstreicher)
Valentina van Woodland (BWP, 2021 , bay, mare by Nixon van 't Meulenhof)

2nd dam: Jasmijn (NRPS, 1996, chestnut, mare by Disconto)
Latina Z (Z, 2012, bay, mare by Landstreicher)  : see above

3rd dam: Ivette S (KWPN, 1990, bay, mare by Jasper)
Jasmijn (NRPS, 1996, chestnut, mare by Disconto) : see above< br>Palou (KWPN, 1997, mare by Concorde)
  Vedette W (KWPN, 2002, grey, mare by Celano)
    dam of Furia (KWPN, 2010, grey, mare by Ustinov) Level 1.20m - Jack Ansems (NLD)
    dam of Huracan (KWPN, 2012, grey, stallion by President) Level 1.35m - Ismael Rozamontes Martinez (ESP) and 1 placing @ 1.30m
    dam of Martini (KWPN, 2017, bay, stallion by Van Gogh) Level 1.20m - Marie-Luise Honig (DEU)
  Zaratender W (KWPN, 2004, bay, mare by Contender) 4 placings @ Level 1.40m - Wilfrid Pierrot     (FRA) and 3 placings @ 1.35m 1st CSIAm-A 2019 Jardy (FRA) (1.20m)
  Salou Z (Z, 2010, chestnut, mare by Sandro Beast) € 1,670 - 2 placings @ Level 1.40m - Natalie Ocenaskova (CZE) and 1 win - 1 placing @ 1.35m 1st CSI3*-W 2022 Olomouc (CZE) (1.35m)
  Babbe Z (Z, 2013, bay, stallion by Denzel van 't Meulenhof) Level 1.40m - Sabrina Pollhammer (AUT)
Sidette (KWPN, 1999, chestnut, mare by Calvados)
  ; Widette (KWPN, 2003, chestnut, mare by Hamlet)
    dam of Kidette van het Molenhof (BWP, 2010, bay, mare by Nonstop) € 130 - Level 1.30m - Marco Faria Mello (PRT) and 2 placings @ 1.20m
  Adorette (KWPN, 2005, dark chestnut, mare by Tenerife VDL) 1 placing @ Level 1.30m - Noemie Goergen (LUX) and 1 win - 3 placings @ 1.25m; 1st CSI1* 2018 Roeser ( LUX) (1.25m)
  Hunter Dadero Z (Z, 2011, chestnut, gelding by Huntsville) € 397 - Level 1.30m - Gréta Fésűs (HUN) and 1 placing @ 1.25m 1st CSI2*-W 2022 Babolna (HUN) (1.20m ); 1st CSI1* 2022 Kiskunhalas (HUN) (1.15m)
  Hidette Dadero (KWPN, 2012, dark chestnut, mare by Arizona) € 157 - Level 1.35m - Anna Venema (NLD) and 2 placings @ 1.30m
Corvette W (KWPN, 2007, bay, mare by Lord Z)
    Boris (Gotenbury EB, Boris 225) (KWPN, 2011, bay, gelding by Berlin) 1 placing @ Level 1.40m - Christoph Lehrmann (DEU)
  Eline d'Ivette W (KWPN, 2009, mare by Diamant de Semilly)
    Kannanton Z (Z, 2015, bay, stallion by Kannan) Level 1.30m - Sandra ter Bahne (DEU)

4th dam: Facordette S (Facordette-S) (KWPN, 1987 , bay, mare by Cor de la Bryère (Corso))
Ivette S (KWPN, 1990, bay, mare by Jasper) : see above
Jourdette S (Jourdette-S) (KWPN , 1991, chestnut, mare by Pilot)
  LUPICOR (Nashua S) (KWPN, 1995, bay, stallion by Lux Z) Approved for: KWPN, Old, OS, SF, Westf - Level 1.60m - Ben Schröder (NLD) 7th CSI3* 2003 Frankfurt (GER) (1.60m); 3rd CSI2* 2004 - Grand Prix 2004 Zwolle (NED) (1.45m)
  Lupicor II (KWPN, 2002, bay, stallion by Lux Z) Approved for: AES
B Miss Lupicor (KWPN, 2006, bay, mare by Lux Z)
    dam of Fashion (KWPN, 2010, bay, mare by Ustinov) €803 - 1 placing @ Level 1.40m - Dave Maarse (NLD) and 1 win - 1 placing @ 1.35m00dam of Le Roi  (KWPN, 2016, bay, stallion by Kannan) € 600 - 1 win - 2 placings @ Level 1.30m - Amanda Slagter (NLD)
  Good Friend (KWPN, 2011, grey, gelding by Astrello) € 536 - 1 placing @ Level 1.10m - Quan Jia (CHN)
La Coste S (Pitcher S) (KWPN, 1993, bay, stallion by Pilot) Approved for: AES
  Nicolette S (KWPN, 1995, chestnut, mare by Pilot)00Saradette S (KWPN, 1999, chestnut, mare by Voltaire)
    dam of Aradetto (Aradette S) (KWPN, 2005, grey, gelding by Colman) 1 placing @ Level 1.50m - Benjamin Kuhn (DEU) and 3 placings @ 1.40m
    dam of Klaradette S (KWPN, 2015, chestnut, mare by Arezzo VDL) € 140 - 1 placing @ Level 1.25m - Adam Grzegorzewski (POL) and 2 placings @ 1.20m00dam of Maradette S  KWPN, 2017, chestnut, mare by Falaise de Muze) € 17 - Level 1.15m - Gonçalo Esteves (PRT) and 2 wins @ 1.05m
  Zeedette S (KWPN, 2004, grey, mare by Casco)
    dam of Deister S (KWPN, 2008, grey, stallion by Clearway) Level 1.45m - Sergey Khomashko (RUS) and 5 placings @ 1.35m
  QUEEN RUBIN 5 (Bodette S) (KWPN, 2006, chestnut, mare by Quidam's Rubin) 1 placing @ Level 1.60m - Ivaylo Bonev (BGR) and 1 win - 5 placings @ 1.50m 7th CSI2*-W 2015 Bojourishte (BUL) (1.60m); 1st CSI3* 2018 Munich-Riem (GER) (1.50m); 2nd CSI3* 2017 Paderborn (GER) (1.50m)
  Gadette S (KWPN, 2011, chestnut, mare by Canto)00dam of Lagadette S (KWPN, 2016, bay, mare by Zavall VDL) € 14 - Level 1.20m - Hannah Downes (GBR) and 1 win @ 1.10m
  Jack Sparrows (KWPN, 2014, bay, gelding by ARD VDL Douglas) Level 1.45m - Ethen Ahearne (IRL) 2nd RDS Qualifiers 2022 Barnadown (IRL) - Nat. (1.40m)
Paradette S (KWPN, 1997, black brown, mare by Burggraaf)
  El Nino V (KWPN, 2009, black brown, gelding by Toulon) Level 1.30m - Nicola Barry (GBR) and 2 wins - 2 placings @ 1.20m 1st CSIYH1* 2015 Chepstow (GBR) (1.20m) ; 1st CSIYH1* 2015 Chepstow (GBR) (1.20m)
  Haiti (KWPN, 2012, dark bay, stallion by Zambesi TN) €50 - Level 1.40m - Max O'Reilly Hyland (IRL) and 1 win @ 1.35m 1st Autumn SJI Horse League 2020 Kilkenny (IRL) - Wet. (1.35m)
  Malibu's Son (KWPN, 2017, bay, gelding by Malibu Z) € 25 - 1 placing @ Level 1.20m - Daniel Mc Alinden (IRL)
Setpoint S (1999, chestnut, stallion by Burggraaf ) Approved for: AES
Zadette S (KWPN, 2004, grey, mare by Casco)
  HARADETTE S (KWPN, 2012, bay, mare by Baltic VDL) € 3,782 - 1 placing @ Level 1.60m - Lucio Osorio (BRA) and 2 placings @ 1.55m 3rd CSI1*-W 2021 Rio de Janeiro (BRA) (1.60m); 5th CSN4* 2022 Sao Paulo (BRA) - Nat. (1.55m); 2nd CSN4* 2022 Sao Paulo (BRA) - Nat. (1.50m)
Casada S (KWPN, 2007, grey, stallion by Quite Capitol) 1 placing @ Level 1.40m - João Prazeres Carvalho (PRT) and 5 placings @ 1.20m 1st CSI2* 2016 Vilamoura (POR) (1.10m)
Don Camillo S (KWPN, 2008, bay, stallion by Contendro I) Level 1.40m - Philip Spivey (GBR) and 2 placings @ 1.30m
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Sire Kassander van 't Roosakker
Sire of sire Echo van 't Spieveld
s.s.s. Heartbreaker
m.s.s. Tequila van Spieveld
Dam of sire Electra van 't Roosakker
d.s.d. Carthago Z
m.m.s. Atoucha van 't Roosakker
Mother Latina Z
Sire of dam Landstreicher
s.s.d. Landgraf 1
m.s.m. Alraune
Dam of dam Jasmijn
s.d.d. Disconto
d.d.d. Ivette S