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Sympathetic 4 year old gray mare by Just Wimphof x Ster, pre. Keur, PROK v. Zambuka (Scandic) x Keur, Pref v. Havidoff. Height 1.64m. Good walk, correct trot with a lot of looseness and extra canter. X-ray hallmarked legs/neck/back without remarks.  

Saddle broken in 3 years and then put away again. Now back to work since May and can walk nicely, trot and canter under saddle. She also has her first outdoor rides and made jumps.

A mare with character. That's why we don't find her suitable for insecure or inexperienced riders. Do you trust her she will go for you through the fire. Good house with sufficient grazing daily is important!
Nice 4yo gray mare by Just Wimphof x Ster, pre. Keur, PROK Zambuka (Scandic) x Keur, Pref. v. Havidoff. Stands 1.64m high. Good walk, correct trot, and extra quality canter. X-rays without remarks.

Was taken on short hacks and did her first jumps, but due to her character, we do not consider her a match for insecure or inexperienced riders. Once you have gained her trust and respect, she will go the extra mile for you. Top address with daily turn-out is important!
Sympathetic 4-jährige Schimmelstute von Just Wimphof x Ster, Voorl. Keur, PROK Zambuka (Scandic) x Keur, Pref v. Havidoff – aktuell 164cm Stockmass- mit gutem Schritt, correct and loose, Trab sowie sehr gutem Galopp. X-ray pictures were ohne Befund.  

Nachdem Sie 3-jährig angeritten wurde und dann noch einmal auf die Koppel dared, geht sie jetzt Schritt, Trab und Galopp unter dem Sattel. The Stute kennt Ausreiten und hat auch schon ihre ersten Sprünge unter dem Sattel absolviert.

Aufgrund ihres Charakters ist die junge Stute aktuell nicht für unsichere oder unerfahrene Reiter geeignet, geht aber, sobald man ihr Vertrauen won hat, für ihren Reiter durchs Feuer.  

Top Haltungsbedingungen mit täglichem Weidegang sind uns beim Buy wisely.


Sire Just Wimphof
Sire of sire De Niro
s.s.s. Donnerhall
m.s.s. Alicante B
Dam of sire Rastede
STB Elite, preferent, prestatie, IBOP (drs), Sport (drs.), PROK
d.s.d. Riccione
m.m.s. Sabriena
Mother Fiva Marea
Sire of dam Zambuka
s.s.d. Scandic
m.s.m. Tilia II
STB, Ster, Pref, PROK
Dam of dam Marea
STB, Keur, Pref
s.d.d. Havidoff
d.d.d. Frea
STB, ster