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I am looking for a good and nice place for my beautiful mare Ciao-Bella (Valdez x Negro) Ciao-Bella is a black 15 year old kwpn mare. She likes lots of attention and needs plenty of exercise. She likes to go out in the meadow during the day but is always in the stable at night. I can start z1 dressage with her, we sometimes make jumps and regularly go into the woods with stable mates. She is extremely sharp, alert and fun to work with. It is also very suitable for eg groundwork or long lines. She does everything by voice. Trailer is not her favorite, in a cart is better. Bella can be very sensitive so an experienced but honest rider with a soft hand is very important to her. She is not a horse for the novice rider. She is a very strong and healthy horse with 3 correct gaits. She has no stable defects and is also very good in handling and with the blacksmith / dentist. I have now bought her for almost 11 years and at the time in Belgium directly from the breeder. She was inspected at the time and had an ibop. I am selling her with pain in my heart, so I am really looking for a 5 star house and someone who is a good match with her and who will give her the attention she deserves. Traders do not have to respond.


Sire Valdez
Sire of sire houston
s.s.s. belisar
m.s.s. ciola
Dam of sire oase
d.s.d. jazz
m.m.s. fenneke
Mother Vienna
Sire of dam negro
s.s.d. ferro
m.s.m. fewrie
Dam of dam odiny
s.d.d. jacardo
d.d.d. budine