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Dazzlingly handsome 3-year-old KWPN mare from very good sport (Grandprix and Inter) and predicate-rich mare line. 

She has the KWPN D-Oc predicate with a very high score and is PROK X-ray approved.
Mother is ster, and KWPN prok approved.
Grandmother star preference.
A lot of sport horses come from the direct mare line. Including a Grandprix dressage horse.

Brothers/sisters of the mother:*Brother of the mother

is Intermediate dressage, and is Grandprix dressage ready. In his younger years he already had top scores in America in the young horse competitions.
*Full brother of the mother as a foal both provincial + national champion, later ggk stallion. Offspring Z dressage horses. And an eventing horse entered in the German frame with Ben Knaak, together they have already won a silver medal.
*Other brother of the mother jumping 1.30m.
*In addition, 4 ster mares out of the ster preferent grandmother.
*Including full sister of the mother National Champion as a three year old.
*Other sister of the mother Provincial Champion. Her granddaughter recently became Provincial Foal Champion.

Uncles/aunts of the grandmother:
*1 Grandprix dressage
*3 horses Z2/Z dressage
*2 horses (also) 1.20 jumping.

*Sister of the ster preferent grandmother: produced an inspection champion star mare, a performance star mare 1.30 jumping and a Z dressage horse.
The 2 ster mares together produced:
* 4 dressage horses Z2/Z
* 1.50 jumping horse
* 2 jumping horses 1.40
* 1.30 jumping horse
For further sport and predicates refer I would like to forward you to

The stallion Just Wimphof is very successful with Renate Van Uytert - van Vliet. Just Wimphof became champion dressage subtop multi-day Tolbert. And already has several victories to his name in the ZZ-Zwaar.

If interested, please call 06 – 57 05 53 55. Not on Sundays.

Other video is of colt Next Romancier x Vivaldi. Uncle of the mother Grandprix dressage and 3 aunts Z2/Z dressage 

PS: there are also older and ridden horses that are looking for a new 🏡.


Sire Just Wimphof
Sire of sire De Niro
Grandprix dressuur
Dam of sire
Ster prok
Sire of dam
Dam of dam
Preferent ster