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Just is trained at Z level in rest, he is very easy going and moves very functionally. Just has a very good, spacious walk, which can be closed easily without loss of rhythm and regularity. His trot is functional and offers to close. The canter is, as we are used to from all Chippendales, spacious, uphill and jumped through. In addition, he shows an aptitude for the higher work with a very nice beginning of some steps piaffe.  

Just matures a bit later, no horse for the young horse competitions. He is very flexible and mobile in his body, which has long hindered him due to the lack of strength. This has ensured that he has been trained in peace and with a lot of basic work in order to become stronger and straighter and more through his body. This is now bearing fruit resulting in a loose and supple horse which is now starting to gain the strength for the more collected work. With the right rider, Just will go far in the sport.

Just is easy in the sideways, shoulder-in, traverse and half-pass. He also masters the counter canter and the simple changes. A start has been made with the work pirouettes and the flying switch. The piaffe begins to come, it sits nicely in it and closes it. Because of his very good walk and easy handling, Just can also be an interesting horse for para-dressage.  

Just is sweet in the stable, easy to handle, can be alone and likes other horses . You just load it on the trailer, tie it to the trailer with saddle up and it's boarding and driving off on strange terrain. Very good on the lead rope, but not dead when riding, has enough go. Just is a wonderfully sweet horse to children, the nieces of 9  and 12 take him out of the meadow, brush him, shave him and ride him. 

Just's dam line is a predicate rich stock that has produced several proven (inter)national Z+ sport horses. A half-brother of Just is successful in light tour with several riders in England. 

Just has recently been fully approved, clinically and radiologically (incl. back and neck).
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Sire Chippendale
Grand Prix
Sire of sire
Dam of sire
Mother Marielinde
Keur en Prestatie
Sire of dam Grand cru
Dam of dam Helinde
s.d.d. Wisconsin
d.d.d. Zolinde
Keur, Pref. en Prestatie