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Chic filly Livius x voorl keur,prok v. Connaisseur x elite,pres,pref,sport,prok v. Jazz.
The sire Livius needs no further explanation. Saphira comes from the reina line. 
M is preferable and obtained 75 points with the gem inspection. 
MM is elite, pres,pref,sport,prok and has run Inter I level himself. Other (half) siblings and offspring have also competed at a higher level from zz-heavy to grand prix!
From MM there is 5x performance and preference in the dam line! So a lot of sport. 
SAPHIRA | HorseTelex

Saphira herself moves very easily, with sufficient shoulder freedom and suppleness. She stands straight and correct on her legs. In addition, she is very sweet and people-oriented. I would like to see her end up in sports (and judging) in the future. Movies and further information on request (0640903313).


Sire Livius
Sire of sire Bordeaux
s.s.s. United
Dam of sire
Mother Her Highness B
Ster, Voorl keur, PROK
Sire of dam Connaisseur
s.s.d. Con amore
Dam of dam Tsarina B
elite, pres,pref,sport,prok
s.d.d. Jazz
d.d.d. Dola
elite, pres,pref,sport,prok