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Nothing else matters UDP is a 4 year old gelding who has been ridden under the saddle for a few months now. 

From breaking the saddle to the present day, no step wrong and always good. Both in handling and during training. The basis is confirmed, been to other terrain once for the videos without any hesitation. 

The horse cooperates nicely and learns quickly with a pleasant walking appetite. Nice with the aids with a soft mouth. 

3 correct gaits with potential for higher work.

X-ray approved, March 2020. Horse is in top health without defects.

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Sire Feel Good
Sire of sire Contango
s.s.s. Contender
m.s.s. Belisar
Dam of sire Vamora
d.s.d. Oo seven
m.m.s. Purioso
Mother Tessa S
Sire of dam Houston
s.s.d. Adisa lll
m.s.m. Ciola
Dam of dam Odessa