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12 year old KWPN gelding bred for jumping.

Finnegan (Filemon W) is a sight to behold. A beautiful large horse, athletically built, all in the right proportions. Driving on Finnegan gives you a powerful feeling and you immediately impress everyone. Finnegan has no stable defects, is a pleasure to deal with and will be happy to work for you if he gets the attention he deserves. Finnegan would never have come up for sale if my ambition hadn't gone all the way to the slip hunt. Finnegan is not sold to traders, not sold at a huge discount and only goes to a private individual where he gets it right. Each inspection is allowed at your own expense. Finnegan has good bloodlines.

Caletto 1 was one of Holstein's most successful jumping stallions under Michael Rupping. From 1981 to 1985 Caletto 1 participated in international show jumping competitions. In 1983 he became 3rd in the Grand Prix of Geneva, winner of the competition of Berlin and Munich, 3rd in the Championship of Germany in Aachen, in 1985 he won the competition of 's-Hertogenbosch and Stuttgart. At the end of 1985, Caletto 1 was the most successful show jumper in Germany. Calvaro Z became champion of the Netherlands under Jos Lansink, won silver at the European Championship in 1997. He also finished 9th at the World Championships in Rome, 2nd in the Grand Prix in Monterrey, 2nd in the Pulsar Crown and 2nd in the German Classics. Furthermore, Voltaire was an influential sire of show jumpers and dressage horses and competed successfully at international level 1.60 meters in show jumping. It is clear that the bloodlines are fine and that is reflected in Finnegan.

He has good gaits and jumps easily. He also really likes to jump. We have mainly ridden Finnegan recreationally. In the riding arena, but even more so in the woods. He has jumped a B course and sometimes ridden a dressage test, but we have never had the ambition to take him seriously in the sport. In preparation for the hunts, we took dozens of cross-country lessons. Finnegan has driven about forty to fifty slip yachts from M yachts to very fat Z yachts, but in the base it is of course not a hunting horse.

My husband (1.97) learned to ride horses at a later age at Finnegan, Finnegan was calm, patient and gave my husband a lot of confidence. With Finnegan, a rider buys an all-round horse with possibilities. With Finnegan there are possibilities in show jumping or with dressage, but it is also a great horse for recreational riding. We grant Finnegan a new rider who will have fun with him for many years to come with attention and care. Finnegan will only leave if he lands properly, we want to focus further on hunting and are looking for an Irish hunting horse.

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