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Name:                    famosa
Color:                    Fox
Age:                  6 years (10/06/2016)
Stick size:              1.63m
Clinically approved in November 2020 (also Piro tested negative)
APTA approved (approved for the breeding service within the PRE studbook)
PRE: Pura Raza Española (the pure Spanish breed)
location: Sint-Oedenrode (above Eindhoven in the Netherlands)  

Video on demand.  

This Spanish lady has run in but is still green, she already leaves a lot quality in her spacious gaits and attitude. It's a spicy lady with a elegant look. She is round ribbed with an elegant neck and beautiful head. They looks very chic but still covers a lot of length (also suitable for longer persons, rider in the photo is 1.67 m).
She has been clinically approved (Nov 2020) and may be passed over (cost buyer).
Her movement is nice and straight (doesn't swing) and she has a strong straight line back, she is without irons. Her grandfather is the Calificado stallion: Impetico Her special color: chestnut and her size of 1.63m makes her a interesting broodmare.  

In the winter of 2020/2021 she came to me (from southern Spain to the Netherlands) she was 4.5 years old then. She was broken in at the age of 5, which she did very well. (She has so she was allowed to grow up nicely before she was taxed.)
She is also covered and after that got a few months leave. They is now being taught again and brought into condition.
She has a healthy foal at the foot, from April 2022, which will be soon may/can be weaned.  
She is quite 'cool' in her head, does not shy away from anything. She's a huge cuddle bug and loves to get attention. They make it very clear if she finds something exciting or difficult: she can then grunt like a pig.
She can be kept well in the meadow as well as in the stable. Stay with me the horses as much as possible in groups outside on the meadow.  

By driving, Famosa shows a lot of quality in her spacious aisles and attitude. She is a spirited, forward lady. She is definitely suitable for the dressage and because of her 'cool' character also suitable for outdoor rides. To to give her the time and space to find her balance and work on her own legs’, I regularly go (alone) into the woods with her (we live on the forest): she clearly likes this a lot.
I work with her on the floor (according to the TRT method), do scare training with her (she is not easily under impression) and lunge her regularly. In the riding arena I started with lateral exercises.  

For breeding:
Famosa is approved for breeding within the PRE studbook: she is Apta.
Her grandfather is the Calificado stallion: Impetico She has beautiful papers to breed with Her special color: chestnut and her size of 1.63m makes her a interesting broodmare. She got her first foal at the age of 6: a big palomino filly.
The foal stayed in the womb for 3 weeks longer than average and therefore very strong, the delivery went easy and Famosa is a good one mother: caring but not too sweet: the foal is growing well, strong and self-confident on! The foal is from April 2022 and will be weaned soon. Mother and daughter are easy to separate.
Famosa was pregnant immediately after the first insemination.  

Suitable for whom?
For Famosa I am looking for a rider who can handle a 'green' horse which still needs guidance, rest, repetition and confirmation. Someone with a independent and not too heavy. She covers length well and looks elegant. They has quality in house for dressage. Someone (a tall, slender Amazon?) with a calm character, patience and ambition. Someone who likes to train her dressage but also likes variety and a ride outside. You don't have to rush with this mare to have. She seems a bit ignorant and therefore not suitable for multiple riders or quick resale.  

More Info and video via PM or Whatsapp: 0031 (0)65 2468 904
(Dutch, English, German and also some Spanish)


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