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Midday E (Hometown x Solitair x G.Ramiro Z) is a beautiful elegant 5 year old mare (27-6-2017) and a beautiful sight to behold. Her height at the withers is estimated to be between 176cm and 185cm. With her beautiful color and her chic head she has a very luxurious appearance. Despite the fact that Midday has only been under saddle for a few months, she has been ridden nicely and feels good. She is good with the aids and she has a soft mouth. She can be adjusted to her own hand in both dressage and jumping. So she still has a few things to learn. Midday regularly joins us on outdoor rides and does it very well. Even without a bridle, Midday is fun to ride, nothing is too crazy for her. I think Midday is a friend for life who will give you a lot of fun 

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Sire Hometown
Sire of sire Apache
s.s.s. UB 40
m.s.s. Ferro
Dam of sire Torose V
d.s.d. Voltaire
m.m.s. G.Ramiro Z
Mother Allure E
Sire of dam Solitair
s.s.d. Tolanda
m.s.m. Nigrante
Dam of dam Gawenda
s.d.d. Ilarose
d.d.d. Atifa