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Because unfortunately we can't keep everything and he is a bit big for me, we are offering our large chestnut gelding Ovation.
Ovation is from the descendant jerveaux x Tuschinski x gribaldi. 
He measures about 180 .
We bought him as a foal.
Is saddle-broken and picks it up nicely, but due to age not yet for inexperienced/uncertain rider. /shorts/OOnBH3nrC9o?feature=share


Sire Jerveaux
Sire of sire Ferdeaux
s.s.s. Bordeaux
m.s.s. Part two
Ster, preferent, prestatie
Dam of sire D’avance de baian
Elite, ibop, prok
d.s.d. Jazz
m.m.s. Fidora
Ster, preferent , prestatie
Mother Hiscalina
Elite, ibop, prok
Sire of dam Tuschinski
s.s.d. Krack c
m.s.m. Kalinja
Ster, preferent, prestatie
Dam of dam Priscalina
Stee, preferent, prestatie
s.d.d. Gribaldi
d.d.d. Elina
Keur, preferent