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The company AUSSENBOXEN, which wants to meet the expectations of its customers, has listed the most important points, since its stables differ from the competition. Every purchase of a stable is associated with costs, that is why the company Außenboxen brings a product with high quality parameters and at a reasonable price Price on the market.

Dimension: Offer for the stall with dimensions 3x3m / 3.5x3.5m / 4.0x4.0 m, other dimensions on customer request.

Stall model PRO- BOX with a flat roof (the best offer on the market)

Horse stable model PRO-BOX with a pent roof - 1.50 m roof overhang.

2 x BOX - dimensions 6m x 3.0m - 6,860 EUR net.
4 x BOX - dimensions 12m x 3.0m - EUR 13,170 net.
8 x BOX - dimensions 24m x 3.0m - EUR 25,790 net.

The dimension of boxing 3, 5×3.5m

2 x BOX - dimensions 7m x 3.5m – EUR 7,410 net.
4 x BOX - dimensions 14m x 3.5m – EUR 14,250 net.
8 x BOX - Dimensions 28m x 3.5m – EUR 27,930 net.

The dimensions sion of boxing 4.0×4.0m

2 x BOX - dimensions 8m x 4.0m – 7,990 EUR net.
4 x BOX - dimensions 16m x 4.0m – 15,360 EUR net.< br>8 x BOX - dimensions 32m x 4.0m - EUR 29,980 net.

Stable the PRO-TEXAS model + roof overhang 3 m, gable roof.

The dimension of the box 3.0× 3.0m

2 x BOX - dimensions 6m x 3.0m - EUR 7,695 net.
4 x BOX - dimensions 12m x 3.0m - EUR 14,630 net.
8 x BOX - dimensions 24m x 3.0m – EUR 28,500 net >4 x BOX - dimensions 14m x 3.5m - 16,230 EUR net.
8 x BOX - dimensions 28m x 3.5m - 31,580 EUR net.

Price: You can pay a net price if you have a valid sales tax identification number. The VAT ID no. consists of the country prefix and a number code (DE: ., AT: . , CH: .). If you have the number, save the money! Pay 0% VAT for goods transport and possible assembly.

If the buyer does not have a sales tax identification number, we must add 23% VAT to all net prices.

* The prices shown are only approximate and non-binding. We reserve the right to change prices. Please contact us for an offer.

Professional stables for every customer!

The price includes for you:
- Height at the lowest point: 264 cm
- Height at the highest Point: 310 cm
- The stables were designed in collaboration with architects from Germany and Austria. The construction meets the requirements for the highest snow and wind loads in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
- The supporting columns (140 mm x 140 mm) are also covered with hot-dip galvanized sheet steel.
- The hot-dip galvanized steel column located on each side wall - only the AUSSENBOXEN company offers such a solution for connecting wooden structures with steel sheet.
- Wall boards with a thickness of 40 mm, tongue and groove connection.
- Solid galvanized steel door with a locking system, upper part glazed + safety grille.
- A set of mounting hardware is included in the price- and much more...

NOTE: Important information for customers who are having problems obtaining permits for the construction of concrete foundations.

This system simplifies the permitting process and offers the opportunity to avoid significant costs associated with the construction of traditional concrete foundations.Visit our homepage at and see our photo gallery and assembly videos!

The screw foundation screwed into the ground - OUTER BOXES - STEEL ROCK System.

We cordially invite you to cooperation!
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