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Manila is a very talented elite mare with a lot of potential for the higher work. She has three fine gaits and picks up new exercises with ease. Manila has successfully ridden the IBOP and several L-competitions and now also knows the exercises of the M and Z. 

This mare is very nice to ride and picks up everything quickly and enthusiastically . Her character is very active, but energetic and sharp. This makes her unsuitable for a novice or insecure rider!

Her sire, the approved stallion Guardian S is currently being groomed under Anne Meulendijks for the highest level. The sire of the dam is the world famous stallion Johnson. Because of the predicate-rich dam line, Manila would also be interesting for breeding.

Manila is very easy to handle, shearing, trailer loading, etc. is all no problem. She has no stable defects.

On October 26, 2022 fully approved clinically and radiographically (incl neck/back).

In short, a fantastic horse for a more ambitious rider/amazon!

Manila falls in the higher price range.

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Sire Guardian S
Sire of sire Bodyguard Moorland
Dam of sire Amadin S
Elite, preferent, IBOP, sport, prok
Mother Balenciaga Nomia
Elite, sport-dres, prok
Sire of dam Johnson
Ggk hengst
Dam of dam Pinomia
Ster, preferent, prestatie
s.d.d. Rohdiamont