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The Top of Dressage: Dressage as a team sport

AMSTERDAM - The Top of Dressage 2023 during Jumping Amsterdam proves that dressage is less individual than people think. The best riders and trainers in our country will meet in the RAI on Wednesday evening 25 January to show how they help each other and work together. The line-up does not lie. The famous trinity Edward Gal, Hans Peter Minderhoud and Nicole Werner, the ladies of the World Cup team Dinja van Liere, Emmelie Scholtens, Thamar Zweistra and Marieke van der Putten and top trainers Rieky Young and Leunus van Lieren give an appearance. The teamwork between the stars is great. Emmelie trains with Edward, Marieke is guided by Emmelie and Thamar takes lessons from Hans Peter.
Emmelie: "I like to show the general public how we train, at home and with my instructor Edward Gal. Normally the public only sees a sample and now they see how we train and are trained. Actually, this is even more fun than a test or even a freestyle to music, you also learn something from it.I think it is extra fun to do the clinic with my regular instructor Edward.”

Edward Gal makes a comeback
After the Tokyo Olympics last year, Edward decided to take a sabbatical. More than a year and a half later, he returns to the ring during The Top of Dressage. Edward: "Jumping Amsterdam is a great competition with a great audience, a great atmosphere and I like to participate in this event in this very place. There seems to be a lot of interest. When I look at the line-up like this, I understand So many good riders/amazons and trainers, how nice is it to see it all together in one evening, if we give an insight into how we work." “I'm training at home and GLOCK's Toto jr, GLOCK's Total US and the other horses, they are in good shape and admittedly, if they run well, it really tickles to go to a competition again, but first let's take a look at The Top or Dressage. Without pressure, for an enthusiastic Amsterdam audience!”

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