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Illy Livanto is a 14 year old BWP mare, but she is called Lilly here.

Lilly is jumping bred and shows this. She easily jumps above the uprights. Under the saddle she jumps very easily around a 1.40m course, and this is so easy for her that she can do this 3x in a row. She is not trained any higher under the saddle, because I don't have much experience with this myself. Loose she jumps 1.60m like it's nothing, and if the uprights had been higher I'm sure that wouldn't be a problem either.

Although she is jump bred she can certainly set up a nice dressage test. Lilly has been trained in this at B/L level.

Lilly can also certainly be used for breeding. She has had foals before and is a descendant of the stallion Eros Platiere, who has performed internationally and also has numerous successful offspring.

Lilly is also a real large friendly giant, she has a height of no less than 1.75 m and is super well-behaved, even with the smallest riders. Lilly has never bucked or reared. She is also very good on the outside, both alone and in a group, and I still haven't found anything that scares her.

On the lower obstacles you can they do get strong. This is because this is so easy for her, that she can easily do it at a somewhat higher pace, and of course she likes this much more. She has never bucked in this either.

Lilly is also suitable for a novice rider (with the right guidance regarding jumping) or, for example, when transitioning from pony to horse, because she is a perfect teacher.

Lilly has only competed in the B class due to circumstances in NL, but has with me several courses of 1,40- jumped 1.45m. In Belgium she was released in 1.10m with her previous owner. Unfamiliar terrain is no problem for her.

Lilly does suffer from a slight feeding envy. She doesn't take this out on you, but only causes her stress. That is why we have shielded the bars at her food bowl so that she can eat in peace, and then this is no problem. Furthermore, Lilly has no stable vices or defects.

Lilly's vaccinations and hooves are well kept and she has recently been to the farrier and osteopath. She gets an annual worm cure.

Lilly leaves without harness and can be inspected kk.


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