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This fantastic sweet mare is for sale.

Dalivi is a real all-rounder, she was originally bred for dressage. But since I got her we jump and cross regularly and she is doing great. Dressage she has walked M2. The fact that this mare is 14 years old cannot be seen from her. She has energy for 10 and especially with jumping and crosses you notice her enthusiasm. A confident rider can take her to the woods, beach or dunes without any problems. Dalivi is also a spirited lady, so a rider with riding experience is a must.

Dalivi wants attention and time from her boss, after all, she needs to release her energy. 
Due to my education, I have herself does not have the time for her that she deserves. so we are looking for a 5 star house.  Traders do not have to respond.
If Dalivi has aroused your interest, you can app for videos or call: 0615537172


Sire lillehammer
Sire of sire
Dam of sire
Mother Talivi
Sire of dam Olivi
Dam of dam Merlineke
s.d.d. Ferro
d.d.d. Bonnelineke