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Name: Isaias
Breed: P.R.E. Andalusian
Year of birth: 2016
Gender: Gelding
Colour: Gray
Height: 1.60m
Passport: Spanish Passport Carta

I am looking for a new home for my handsome, willing to work, sometimes naughty but most of all sweet gelding. Isaias is not a horse for beginners, I found that out myself after almost 2 years, you have to be consistent and sure. If he is put to work, he will do everything for you. Considering his age (6 years old), he finds many things still difficult but definitely trying. This makes Isaias very eager to learn and thinks along, as soon as you have his confidence, he really does everything for you. He has never deliberately acted ugly. Always had respect for me.

My insecurity because I am a novice rider comes into play here. Which makes me feel that this hinders him and makes him even more insecure and that is absolutely not necessary. I have not yet got around to taking him on an outside ride, but I walked outside by the hand the terrain. He still finds many things exciting, then wants to walk very close to you, then walks a bit faster or suddenly steps aside but does not run away, is otherwise very good despite the busy road with us. He stands quietly in his stable. With brushing he stands still. Good with trailer loading, farrier (every 8 weeks)

He has beautiful gaits. Walk, trot, canter he knows it all. We are currently training Isaias at L level but have not competed. Because he is still so young he can still learn a lot, put it to your own advantage.

Isaias is therefore not suitable for insecure or novice riders, dare to ride. He can still learn a lot and is fun for someone who has extensive experience with (pre) horses or someone who wants to to invest. Pick up everything quickly. Isaias is only sold with the right match. I'm looking for someone who will fit him well, so I'm not in a rush to sell. I am selective in looking for a nice place where he feels nice will be able to develop further. This treasure deserves a good place!

I don't actually deliver his stuff, but maybe these can be taken over. Think of saddle, blankets, halter, bridle and protection. (Everything bought new value 2 years ago €2500,)

Approval allowed KK.
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