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Brave 3 year old Instyle x Johnson x D-day
Outsider Domino is broken in the saddle and hasn't taken a step wrong yet.
Super nice horse for the dressage ring.
She would also be suitable for breeding.

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Sire Instyle
Stb., WFFS-Free
Sire of sire Eye Catcher
s.s.s. Vivaldi
m.s.s. Ostrona
Dam of sire Sissy
d.s.d. Lorentin I
m.m.s. Lori III
Mother Contessa Domino
D-oc, Elite, Prok, Sport(dr)
Sire of dam Johnson
Pref, WFFS-Free
s.s.d. Jazz
m.s.m. Roxane
Dam of dam Tiene
Elite, Pref, Prest, Prok, Sport(dr)
s.d.d. D-day
d.d.d. Leontiene