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The best of both worlds 😍❤️
Meet Omaira
Omaira is a 3.5 year old mare of 1.64m.
She will still growing a bit but also looks a lot taller because she has a lot of body. 

Omaira's father is Blue Hors Kingston,
Kingston is a very interesting young stallion by the Totilas son Glock's Toto Jr.
Kingston is described as a reliable, honest stallion with a good attitude and a pleasure to ride. He responds well to his rider's aids and is always cooperative. He has an active and ground-covering walk and has good mechanics and extension in the trot with an active, engaged hindquarters and carriage. Kingston's canter is uphill, ground covering and powerful with impulsion. He moves with agility and self-carriage that is balanced. 

Omaira's mother is a Freiberger.
A very strong breed which is very suitable as a riding horse due to its calm, down-to-earth character and 'his' friendliness.

Omaira really has the best of both sides. 
She is super tough, down-to-earth, strong and broadly built from mom.
She also seems to have a lot of talent for high dressage, she has a super developed neck which gives her a very nice self-carriage has.

Omaira has now been trained under the saddle for several months and she is going like a train!
It is getting on and riding, a fantastic, uncomplicated horse that loves to work, always puts her best foot forward and is really fantastic to send through the track! 

Both under the saddle and in hand/handling she is a pleasure to work with.

Omaira has been to unknown territory a number of times, she is no different here than at home, nice and sympathetic! 
She is also brave on the street and in the woods.

Omaira has recently been X-ray approved. 

Omaira is a horse with a lot of quality and appearance.
We would like to see her move to someone who wants to steal the show with her!

On view in Mierlo, North Brabant.< /div>
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