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I hereby offer mine 13 year old mare for sale. The reason for selling is because my 3 year old stallion will return from rearing in 2023 and I want to focus fully on him. Unfortunately I don't have time to give both horses the attention they deserve.

Ellastrade is a sweet sport mare with whom I currently still driving competitions, soon we will start M2 (now M1 + 11). She also knows exercises from the Z.

Ella is very sweet, calm in many ways and well-behaved, but can also be a real mare now and then. A handy one, for sure owner is therefore desired. She is not dangerous or unpredictable, but has sometimes just need that push, because she can be a bit insecure. 

Jumping is not her best quality (despite that her mother (line) is almost completely jumper bred), but she likes it to make a not too high jump every now and then. We go off and on sometimes to the forest or beach, she can do something there too being insecure, she doesn't like to walk with another horse in the beginning in front, but is good and once she gets used to it, she also leads the way. 

She is always neatly trimmed every 7/8 weeks, goes to the dentist every year and gets her annual vaccination. 

She is leaving alone to a good home, traders don't have to respond.

Inspection report 2015 with photos available. She has left behind a fragment, never had any problems. Does she always (in at least when I bought her in 2016) and never had any problems, so I chose not to remove it. Approve again allowed costs for the buyer. 

For more information please send an app or calling (sometimes difficult to reach due to work). 


Sire Spielberg
D-OC, prok, WFFS-free
Sire of sire Sunny-Boy
s.s.s. Sandro Hit
m.s.s. Fantastica
Dam of sire Rosiera
d.s.d. Rosier
m.m.s. Rondula
Mother Jastrade
Prest., Stb.
Sire of dam Damiro
s.s.d. Ramiro Z
m.s.m. Torette
pref, ster
Dam of dam Astrade
keur, pref
s.d.d. Amor
d.d.d. Fastrade