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Meet S. Rosano (2017) An incredibly sweet and people-oriented horse 
Good to deal with, sensitive ohz, submissive in the group. Who will steal the show with this graceful, agile horse? Stick size around 1.60 cm.


Brought from Spain to NL in October 2020, directly from breeder, of course with CARTA. He has been clinically examined on site, plus X-rays of the pastern and hocks have been taken. Neutered lying in November 2020 in NL clinic. Unshod, neatly trimmed traditionally, good with the farrier. Annual visit to the dentist.

Since half a year quietly learned under the saddle.  Familiar with working in hand, whip, (additional) lunging, bitless riding, stepping up with a stool, beams / jumps on the lunge, walking outside. 

This horse is at the beginning of his career. He is smart and likes to work. He needs a precise leader. He is mentally relaxed by himself (left brain). He stands outside in a small herd during the day. No stable defects.

Possibly with suitable wintec saddle, which can grow with the horse (various trees and inlays). This saddle is especially suitable for female riders/amazons. Fitted last year by Polane saddlery. 

Traders don't have to respond. I'm looking for someone who can offer Rosano a top spot, an ambitious rider who can grow him further. Selling due to personal circumstances.  Approvals: costs for the buyer.


Sire Dilvido A.
Sire of sire Claudio Vives
Dam of sire Ibis III
Mother Rosana
Sire of dam Gorrion IX
Dam of dam Infanta XVII