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For sale: super brave 3 year old mare!!
This 3 year old mare with the pedigree Geniaal X Santano has a height of 172cm. This horse is very sweet both in handling and while riding. She has a very easy contact and is nice to ride, she can also be worked well and has 3 fine gaits. 
She comes directly from the breeder. 
This mare is completely fine x-rays and is in possession of a prok certificate. 
She falls in the normal price range.

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Sire Geniaal
Sire of sire Vivaldi
s.s.s. Krack C
m.s.s. Renate-Utopia
Ster, Preferent, Prestatie
Dam of sire Wocky
Elite, Ibop, Prok, D-oc
d.s.d. Biotop
m.m.s. Ocky
Keur, Preferent, Prestatie
Mother Duganita M
Elite, Ibop, Prok
Sire of dam Santano
s.s.d. Sandro Hit
m.s.m. P. Siltana van Hof Olympia
Ster, Preferent, Prestatie, Prok
Dam of dam Uganita M
Elite, Preferent, Prok
s.d.d. Jazz
d.d.d. Haganitas M
Keur, Preferent