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IB is a 9 year old gelding van Tornesch x Emilion. He is very smart and curious but also a very sweet horse. He will never take a wrong step. He is easy and nice to ride, good on the aids and very manoeuvrable. In the way he is a real friend to all and likes to get the attention he deserves. 

On this currently it is released in 1.10/1.20. He is also classified L2 dressage and occasionally dressage competitions are ridden with him. Here he always scores high points and therefore does not look out of place in the dressage ring. IB is a horse that is certainly suitable for the higher work in terms of jumping and is also ready for this. Here he needs a sure rider who can lead him a little extra. Despite its size, IB is also suitable for the transition from pony to horse. He never gets strong in courses and is nice to ride between the obstacles. 

IB is good with the farrier, dentist, with vaccinations and shaving and in traffic. In addition, he is also good along the road or in the woods, but rather not alone.

We would like IB to get a 5 * house. Only with serious interest you can contact: 06-16278259.


Sire Tornesch
Sire of sire Lux
s.s.s. Lord Calando
m.s.s. Apocalypte Z
Dam of sire Ninerta
d.s.d. Libero H
m.m.s. Inerta
Mother Doklahoma W
Sire of dam Emilion
s.s.d. Wellington
m.s.m. Ramirha
Dam of dam Woklahoma W
s.d.d. Guidam
d.d.d. Elottie W